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Bid Management

Although public sector customers are attractive, it is often difficult for companies to break into the public sector market. This is often due to the strict rules and regulations which govern public sector procurement. Responding successfully to a tender requires skill and experience, which are time-consuming and costly to acquire, both in terms of resources, lost business and potential damage to your organisations image! It is often involve multiple stages.

Evercode for 5 years actively supporting Polish and foreign companies in process of public procurement procedures. We provide end-to-end bid management services for clients of all sizes and budgets, across multiple sectors. This support applies to both large multinational corporations as well as smaller companies from the SME sector.

We advise tenderers at every stage of the public procurement procedure. We assist in preparing the procedure and ensure support throughout the procedure, including representation before the National Appeal Chamber and courts. We provide ongoing legal support for public procurement departments, as well as individual assistance in a particular procedure. Our offer is tailor-made to the specific needs of each client and interdisciplinary expert teams may be created.

Evercode consultants provided are expert in their field and have many years (above 15 years) of practical experience in tenders - from multi-million dollar complex for smaller ones. They will be conversant with best bid practice, will have a proven track record in winning bids and will provide leadership. This team also has an unique knowledge comes from implementation of a number of public proceedings, which is used in the planning bid management process. It gives more chance to win in tender and realize contract without penalties.

Our approach is integrated and facilitative whereby we work closely and communicatively with the client and their team to ensure a fully risk managed, responsive and competitive submission. Our process is an entirely flexible and bespoke service that ensures your bid will be professional, powerful and a give a higher chance to win.

The time you save in not having to prepare and write your tender application is time that can be poured back into the business and put to good use elsewhere. We can take care of everything, saving you time and worry while maximising your chances of bid success. Our highly qualified team will be with you every step of the way to guide you through the complexities of the tendering process.

How can Evercode help your business?

Bids are the critical sales drivers for any business and reflects the organization’s capabilities. We help you accelerate your business growth with our specialist knowledge in bid management:

  • our consultants work on all aspects of the bidding process, we provide contract winning bid services that will make a huge difference to your business;
  • we support clients with the management of tendering procedures. Unlike our competitors, we provide bespoke tendering services that will suit your businesses unique needs;
  • Our consultants also provide; management of tendering procedures, contract strategy advice and help with procurement issues.

These three services can be key to long term success.

Bid Management Services

Our process is an entirely flexible and bespoke service that ensures your bid will be professional, powerful and a winner. So then, what should you expect? The key stages are as follows:

  1. daily monitoring of public procurement market in field of the company's profile and areas of its interest and gaining opportunities consistent with the company's offer;
  2. bid/no bid decision-making support;
  3. market analysis - identify potential competition, their positioning and other market analysis thatt will assist in the clients own bid positioning and the pricing of the bid;
  4. formal and legal analysis of all tender documentation and inquiries which includes in particular:
    • analysis of the formal requirements (references, human resources, financial requirements),
    • interpretation of the provisions of the agreements and developing proposals for changes (eg. in terms of contractual penalties),
    • indication of other risks and their mitigation proposal at any stage of the proceedings.
  5. substantive analysis of the terms of reference (in cooperation with the Client);
    These three above steps will enable us to gain a clear understanding of the scope and requirements of the bid or tender response that will be produced.
  6. preparation of tender schedule - milestones and deadlines will be managed effectively; advice to better align a client’s bid response with the customer’s likely evaluation processes;
  7. preparing all necessary formal documents and statements that are required by Polish Public Procurement Act and their translations. We will discuss with you the evidence you are providing to support your bid and, if we think it appropriate, we may recommend that you re-think, update or provide additional proof.
  8. assigning persons responsible and determining their roles in the process:
    • coordinating the work of tema involved in the process of preparing a bid, monitoring progress, settlement of tasks, etc.
    • cooperation with all the departments involved in the process of preparing a bid,
    • cooperation with other departments of the company in the implementation of a common sales strategy of the company or bid winning strategy;
  9. operate as point of liaison with the bid manager and bid writer, the sales person or team and other subject matter experts and stakeholders;
  10. monitoring of internal bid process and, where deficiencies or weaknesses are identified, providing ad hoc or long term solutions;
  11. developing the win-strategy based on the evaluation criteria;
  12. suggestions on clarification questions to ask potential customers during the tender process to maximize a client’s understanding of the customers requirements;
  13. gathering, preparation and verification of all necessary documents, statements and other documents, including collaboration with partners, contractors or members of the Consortium;
  14. creating writings, inquiries and clarifications to the Contracting Authority, preparing contracts and other correspondence relating to public procurement process, ongoing legal support throughout and after the public procurement procedure (clarification of specification of essential requirements for the contract, verification of the status of the procedure, ongoing telephone consultations);
  15. conduct negotiations with suppliers, contractors and members of the consortium, and preparing appropriate agreements governing mutual cooperation;
  16. coordinating document flow in bid management process;
  17. translation of tender documentations;
  18. preapring an offer which meets all requirements included in terms of reference and other rules stated in Polish Public Procurement Act;
  19. the final audit of the offer;
  20. submission of offer to the Contracting Authority, presence at the tender opening session and gathering all necessary information about other participants (competitors) and their offers;
  21. on the stage of the offer evaluation: reviewing documentation relating to the tender process and formal and legal verification of competitor's offers;
  22. preparation and submission of appeals, representing before the National Board of Appeal and, if necessary involvement of a professional legal support;
  23. Monitoring and support the implementation of Contract.

Professional legal support

We offer comprehensive legal advice regarding the process of awarding and tendering for public contracts. Legal support includes activities that go beyond the competence of professional Bid Manager and only if legal support is strongly necessary. The main scope of support is following:

  • analysis of legal issues;
  • preparation of studies, letters, explanations;
  • drafting appeals to the National Appeal Chamber, submissions of the accessing party and court complaints;
  • representation before the National Board of Appeal and regional courts;
  • organisation of trainings concerning public procurement law, taking into account clients’ individual needs and their business activity profile.

Translation of tender documentation

In the case that translation of documents is needed the price is determined individually, because it depends on the amount of text, and commissioned the date of translation.

The cost is confirmed with client before ordering translations.

Additional services

Additional services include obtaining and supplying resources, including CVs, references, specialists required in the tender documentation or to implement a contract, in particular:

  • obtaining and providing the required credentials within the framework of tender procedures;
  • obtaining and providing the required CVs of specialists in the framework of tender procedures;
  • build team performing contract;
  • hiring specialists to carry out order.

Monitoring and support the implementation of Contract (PMO, Contract Management) and take care of customer relations

The service is provided by a professional Contract Manager with many years of practical experience on the public procurement market and in field of public contract implementation, which includes:

  • supporting the implementation of the contract on public procurement;
  • project portfolio management, with particular emphasis on the optimization in the areas of cost solutions, delivery time, quality of service and profitability of projects;
  • carrying out a project office (PMO), supervision of compliance of the project with procurement procedures, tender documentation and signed contract and the provisions of the Public Procurement Law;
  • take care of customer relations;
  • risk management.


We manage end to end bid process and create high quality responses that ensures a significant win rate. Outsourcing proposal services will cut significant cost of your business as you will not need dedicated proposal team in-house, which there will be no resource bandwidth wastage in downtimes or when there are less RFPs.

Our Bid Managers have vast experience in managing and strategizing Public.

As your bid consultants we will integrate seamlessly with your existing team and provide expert advice and coaching to all involved in the writing of the bid or tender.


Contract Management

Contracts need to be managed very well in order to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks so that your company reaps the benefits of the contracting process.

Lack of attention to details during the tendering process, poor evaluation techniques and badly administered contracts could result to huge financial losses. Such situation occurs when a staff does not have sufficient knowledge or the necessary skills to identify the exposure of risks and the failure to manage the contracts.

Contract Management is intended to secure the performance of a contract by constant monitoring of the project, an objective assessment of his condition, identification of risks and recommendation of hedging activities the project and, if necessary, remedial action.

Contract Management is a vital part of project execution and an integral part of managing risk. Active management of the contract is required to provide early notice of problematic issues or events as they occur and ensure a project stays on track. Contract Manageris a stakeholder who will be responsible for the proper implementation of all cotract specifications by the contractor.

Compliance with contract obligations enhances professionalism and protects parties from unintentional breach of contract. Attention to contract obligations conveys attention to detail to project partners and ensures the protections negotiated into the contract remain intact. Complying with contract obligations requires little day-to-day management, but has great risk management/risk reduction benefits.

From a risk management standpoint, performance of obligations under the contract is expected to be documented. Failure to fulfill contract obligations can change the enforceability and availability of contract rights, duties, obligations and remedies. Failure to confirm decisions and events in writing also leads to misunderstandings. Performing out of scope or unauthorized work, missing deadlines and failing to document or perform contract administration activities should all be recognized by staff as red flags that affect project performance, liability and risk.

Range of services:

  • supervision of an experienced contract manager;
  • post-award staff meeting (introductions and role definitions, review of specifications and terms and conditions, work schedule, identification of subcontractors, etc.);
  • continuous monitoring of the whole project;
  • ongoing monitoring of the progress of design work;
  • verification of compliance with good execution practices and with documentation and project objectives, adopted in the contract;
  • any mediation between the company and the client, or subcontractors and suppliers;
  • providing expert advice when making strategic decisions about the directions of the project;
  • possibly early identification of potential problems in the design and prevention;
  • create recovery plans for projects;
  • giving opinions on the acceptance of products;
  • regular audit visits to the Client;
  • conducting interviews with key people involved in the project;
  • coordination actions with procurement (e.g. contract renewals, contract amendments and contract termination);
  • hire a Project Manager (interim management);
  • audits of executed projects.

The Contract Manager should be closely involved in the development of the Request for Bids/Proposals, helping to define the scope of services. Contractor qualifications and contract specifications. The CM’s involvement during the pre-contract administration processes, including negotations, will ensure that he or she develops a comprehensive knowledge of the prgram requirements and the intent of the contract. Obtaining a historical perspective of the creation of the contract will assist the CM in making contract management decision, especially if dispute arises.

Audits of executed projects

  • analysis the compatibility of the project with the objectives of the contract;
  • analysis the compatibility of the project with the objectives of the project definitione;
  • analysis of compliance of the work done with the methodology deployment of the implemented solution;
  • analysis of the quality of the preparation of the business concept of the project;
  • preparation of the report containing an assessment of the state of work, recommendations, identification of possible threats for success of the project, proposals for corrective action, as well as recommendations on the further course of the work in project.

Benefits of Contract Managements

A general familiarity with contract terms on the part of all project personnel means personnel are more likely to comply with contractual work and obligations. The project team is more likely to stay on schedule, provide notices on time, and obtain authorization and approvals.


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