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We provide services that help enterprises successfully integrate and collaborate using the full stack and achieve top performance from their business procesess.

Performance tuning the application development process
Evercode provides a range of services to help Enterprises maximise the performance of their application lifecycle. We provide consulting, implementation and support services to ensure our customers optimise their use of the full stack development.
Enterprise-level services
Our professional services track record is second-to-none. Our team work with customers globally to understand their challenges and recommend and implement solutions that boost performance.
Many customers find that they demand higher levels of SLA and flexibility. Our managed services provide Enterprises with a ‘behind the firewall’ installations of the stack that can be tailored to their specific needs and operated within the highest level of SLA.
Products and software
With nearly six years of experience working with custom made tools, Evercode has used its experience to develop a range of products and software that extend and enhance standard from the shelf products. Alongside our products, we can also develop bespoke add-ons meet customer-specific requirements.
Application lifecycle management
At Evercode, we take a holistic view of our customers’ situations. Only looking at the applications and tools themselves provides only a partial view of the problems and leads to partial solutions. Our ECD methodology helps organisations align, optimise and re-align how they imagine, develop, release and manage applications.

Development & Consulting Services

Expert and holistic consultancy services to implement and tune the toolsets like custom mades, Lumesse, Atlassian and Enterprise Architects Evercode provides Enterprises with a range of consulting services that help them maximise the value from their investment in tools. From performance tuning and scaling to integration with other systems and development process improvement, Evercode helps organisations optimise their application lifecycle for top performance.

Evercode consultants have second-to-none expertise allied to real-world understanding of the business-IT context. This means that they can ensure that the way they set-up, tweak and tune is aligned to the business and user needs. It also means they can advise on the methodologies the client should adopt or adapt.

Evercode has a strong track record in developing software. This experience in developing high-value software is also used to create bespoke functionality for clients. Many of our engagements involve delivering bespoke functionality or integration with third-party systems and tools.

Evercode is also adept at dealing with issues of extreme performance and scale, working in environments where compliance is non-negotiable. As a result of this experience Evercode is well placed to provide ‘healthchecks’ for proactive capacity and performance planning.

Our Evercode Continouse Development methodology takes a holistic view of the application lifecycle, helping customers to plan and implement changes to their processes and toolsets. Find out more about ECD.

Evercode can also supply licenses under standard commercial terms (ie. invoice) and help clients optimise their use of software to get best value. There is also the added benefit that clients’ entire estate – including plugins – can be managed under one agreement.

Managed Services

Tailored, robust and scalable. Hosted and fully-managed delivery of tools for Enterprise-level customers.

For when a software solution is business-critical

If your organisation relies on Softwarte and Technology tools for processes such as business process or collaboration, you need to know you can depend on them. Managed Services from Evercode offers a way to reduce the cost, complexity and risk of your organisation’s investment in software tools.

Many clients reach a point where form the shelf products offering no longer meets their needs. Other clients need a solution that sits behind the firewall. Evercode offers a fully managed service for applications and plugins within an agreed SLA.

The benefits of MS

  • Migrating to a fully-managed platform offers four key benefits:
  • Reduce total cost of ownership whilst having access to a 24x7x365 service
  • Enable your teams to maintain their focus on their core functions
  • Reduce your risk for services reliant on tools
  • Increase your agility – adopt new functionality more quickly, scale the platform and use any Add-Ons that you need

MS includes:

  • Active Monitoring
  • Issue management
  • Backup and restoration management
  • Application Administration
  • Service Desk (Help-Desk) Support
  • 99.9% uptime available for Production
  • Customised security and authentication
  • Support for your plugins and themes

Service Management includes:

  • Service level, performance and innovation reviews
  • Capacity and configuration management and planning

Evercode Continouse Development

Helping Enterprises design, deliver and support their applications more profitably and more effectively.

Evercode's services comprise an end-to-end offering that encompasses the planning, implementation and ongoing support of the application lifecycle. We recognise that the application lifecycle is core to our clients' success.

Information Technology is now entwined with the vast majority of business functions and delivering applications effectively is crucial to success in every market. Evercode has a strong track record helping understand, tune and overhaul the way business requirements interact with technology.

We call our Evercode Continouse Development – Complete Application Lifecycle Management. Based around the suite of tools, ECD offers an end-to-end view — from planning to operations — addressing the processes, tools and infrastructure that enable teams deliver successfully.

Firstly, we listen to how the client's business works. Secondly, we devise an action plan based on our experience and appropriate best practices. Then we implement, working alongside the client to deliver well-planned and executed transitions. Our ongoing support means that we can continue to support as requirements and/or scale change, providing clients with Evercode experts as members of their 'augmented team'.


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